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Computes a radial projection of an image stack and reslices it from top.

Starting point for the line is the given point in any X/Y-plane of a given input image stack. Furthermore, radius of the resulting projection must be given and scaling factors in X and Y in case pixels are not isotropic.This operation is similar to ImageJs ‘Radial Reslice’ method combined with ‘Reslice from top’ but offers less flexibility.

Category: Transformations

Availability: Available in Fiji by activating the update sites clij and clij2. This function is part of clij2_-

Usage in ImageJ macro

Ext.CLIJ2_resliceRadialTop(Image source, Image destination, Number numberOfAngles, Number angleStepSize, Number startAngleDegrees, Number centerX, Number centerY, Number scaleFactorX, Number scaleFactorY);

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