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CLIJ Release cycle

tldr: In order to establish CLIJ as a reliable platform for workflow developers, an annual release cycle is aspired. Core functionality of CLIJ will not change between major releases (except hot fixes). CLIJ operations may be marked as deprecated in any major release. Deprecated operations may be removed with any subsequent major release. Thus, developers have at least one year time to make the transition.

The following rules are listed to ease the life of downstream / workflow developers. Ultimate goal is to allow development of long-term running, reliable CLIJ based workflows. However, to be safe on our side, these rules are not legally binding and may be changed at any point in time.


CLIJ is released and distributed via two online resources:

Workflow developers are recommended to base their tools on the current major release as stated here.

CLIJ core library

The release cycle includes CLIJs main libraries:

Major releases

Hot fixes

Nightly builds and BETA releases

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