A user interface for GPU-accelerated image processing using CLIJ2

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CLIJx-Assistant is an intuitive user interface for building custom GPU-accelerated image processing workflows using CLIJ2 in Fiji. It visualizes workflows as image date flow graphs while building them. It suggests what to do next and generates scripts and human readable protocols to facilitate reproducible bio-image analysis. These generated scripts also be executed in other platforms such as Matlab, Icy, Python and QuPath.

CLIJx-Assistant is under development and is subject to change. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Do not use it for routine research yet.
Provide feedback and stay tuned.

Download slower version of the video [Image data source: Daniela Vorkel, Myers lab, CSBD / MPI CBG]


Feedback welcome!

I’m eager to receiving feedback: rhaase at mpi minus cbg dot de