GPU-accelerated image processing in Matlab using CLIJ

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clatlab is a bridge between Matlab and clij2.



Download the following files, removed the numbers from their file endings and put them all in the `/Documents/MATLAB folder:

Test the installation by executing this script from matlab:

clij2 = init_clatlab();
% print out name of used GPU:

Example code

Examples are available in the matlab folder.

Clatlab provides two entry points for processing:

clij2.gaussianBlur(imageIn, imageOut, 5, 5);
Command Matlab expresson clij2 counter part  
push(a)   c = clij2.pushMat(a);  
pull(a)   c = clij2.pullMat(a);  
plus(a,b) c = a + b clij2.addImages(a, b, c);  
minus(a,b) c = a - b clij2.subtractImages(a, b, c);  
uminus(a) c = -a clij2.invert(a, c);  
transpose(a) c = a.’ clij2.transposeXY(a, c);  
times(a,b) c = a .* b clij2.multiplyImages(a, b, c);  
mtimes(a,b) c = a * b clij2.multiplyMatrix(a, b, c);  
rdivide(a,b) c = a ./ b clij2.divideImages(a, b, c);  
ldivide(a,b) c = b ./ b clij2.divideImages(b, a, c);  
power(a,b) c = a .^ b clij2.powerImages(a, b, c);  
lt(a,b) c = a < b clij2.smaller(a, b, c);  
gt(a,b) c = a > b clij2.greater(a, b, c);  
le(a,b) c = a <= b clij2.smallerOrEqual(a, b, c);  
ge(a,b) c = a >= b clij2.greaterOrEqual(a, b, c);  
ne(a,b) c = a ~= b clij2.notEqual(a, b, c);  
eq(a,b) c = a == b clij2.equal(a, b, c);  
and(a,b) c = a & b clij2.binaryAnd(a, b, c);  
or(a,b) c = a I b clij2.binaryOr(a, b, c);  
not(a) c = ~b clij2.binaryNot(a, c);  
imhist(a) [c,x] = imhist(a) clij2.fillHistogram(a, c);  
fliplr(a) c = fliplr(a) clij2.flip(a, c, true, false, false);  
min(a) c = min(a) c = clij2.minimumOfAllPixels(a);  
max(a) c = max(a) c = clij2.maximumOfAllPixels(a);  
mean(a) c = mean(a) c = clij2.meanOfAllPixels(a);  
ones(a) c = ones(a) clij2.create(a); clij2.set(a, 1);  
zeros(a) c = zeros(a) clij2.create(a); clij2.set(a, 0);  
size(a) c = size(a) c = clij2.getDimensions()  
colon(a,b) c = [a:b] c = clij2.create(b-a); clij2.setRampX(c);  

How to develop clatlab

Clone this repository and build it using maven. Afterwards, you find the clatlab.jar in the target directory. Copy it to your clatlab/matlab java classpath.

git clone
cd clatlab
mvn package
cp target/clatlab*.jar classpath/

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