GPU-accelerated image processing in python using CLIJ and pyimagej

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CLIPY is a bridge between CLIJ and python via pyimagej


Right now, this is very preliminary.


conda create -n pyimagej pyimagej openjdk=8

conda activate pyimagej pip install scikit-image scipy numpy matplotlib gputools

If installation of gputools doesn't work because of issues with pyopencl for Windows, consider downloading a precompiled wheel (e.g. from [here]( ) and installing it manually:

pip install pyopencl-2019.1.1+cl12-cp37-cp37m-win_amd64.whl pip install gputools

## Example code
Examples are available in the [python]( folder. 

After installation, you can call the examples like this:

conda activate imagej

Please note that you need to update the path to your Fiji installation in order to make the scripts run.

Please note

It is recommended to use clij from Fiji. Python support is under development.

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